Japan YouTuber Kan & Aki Are Safe! Kumamoto Earthquake


On April 14th, 2016 at 9:26 pm (JST Local Time), a strong earthquake (Magnitude 6.5) occurred in the Kumamoto area of Kyushu.

Japanese Popular YouTuber, Kan & Aki are living in Kumamoto and they have not uploaded funny YouTube videos since the earthquake occurred.

Newly live delivered video was posted from their father’s channel.

What kind of situation about Kan & Aki?

I would like to introduce the translation of the videos.


Kan, AKi, Asahi, Ginta, Dad and Mo, They Are All Safe!

It is safe.
The last movie, as was talk a while ago now, there is a great big earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan, fled to school, it is I have uploaded is alright what dad took when you guys are sleeping. In, that after getting worse more and more situations, was a state that can not be uploded to YouTube. So we are broadcasting now.
There are safe, everyone.
Yesterday, in the rain, but I was a little scared by the earthquake, and somehow survived, because there was a little calm feeling, I tried to take out the camera and the computer from inside the house.
Kan, are you okay?
I was doing Strider until a little while ago.
Aki, what’s up?
A bit cold…
I’m glad our various worry from you.
School seems to rest tomorrow.
Various terrible situation has been reported in the .
Full seen.
Ground of Kumamoto Airport is broken.

Enough Food, But Water Does Not Come Out

There is enough food.
It is the remaining outpacing while keeping the food state.
As current situation, only the water does not come out, electricity comes.
It is messed up in the house. Tableware is useless all, almost, now useless. More than 90% useless.
Since electricity is through, it wowed hot water.
Marimekko dish also became useless all.
Groundwater can be used as a drinking water boil from leaving.
Occasionally the ground has sway.
Servants there in this situation.
It is not that you do not go home. Once, sleeping in the car for safety.
Today’s lunch was rice balls and miso soup
It was delicious!
Pen fell avalanche. Dadadada.
Children are sleeping in the back of the car.
I became an economy class syndrome.
We are subject in this feeling.
After that, the other, I think that it is all right because sleep in the car.
Nde mess is in the house, because the video is not a situation like put out, let’s make more and more videos Once calm.
Let’s anyway now live.
Bye bye!